Berlin x Buenos Aires

in partnership with PROA21

Sunday, January 28, 2024  

PROA21, Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 2073, Buenos Aires, Argentina

REFORMA is pleased to announce its first programme in Buenos Aires in collaboration with Fundación PROA21. 

Berlin x Buenos Aires brings together outstanding figures from the electronic music scene from both cities in a series of performances in PROA21’s garden. The event marks the culmination of a musical residency at the recording studio and sound lab La Siesta del Fauno in Buenos Aires. 

Berlin-based Italian artist Andrea Dama and Buenos Aires-based artist Morphena will play DJ sets, leading up to a concert featuring the pioneering local electronic music band, Klauss. The live performance will unfold as a real-time composition, combining analog and digital technologies, experimenting with MIDI and voltage control, modular systems, sequencers, rhythm boxes, and guitars. The resulting sounds will generate sequences, textures, rhythms, harmonies, and mutations that emerge through the dynamic interplay between the artists, the machines, the space, the audience, and the vibrant energy of La Boca neighborhood.

Free admission.


Founded in 1988, Klauss—formed by Ernesto Romeo, Lucas Romeo and Pablo Gil—explores the expressive possibilities of the different languages of contemporary electronic, electroacoustic and progressive music, combining minimalist and polymetric sequences, dance rhythms, impressionist harmonies, free forms, noise, atonalism and psychedelia. Through real-time compositional procedures, their sonic aesthetics come to life in dreamlike environments, danceable rituals, acousmatic landscapes and symphonic textures. Klauss' concerts are known for including retro-futuristic scenographies made up of an unusual configuration of analog and digital instruments and electronic devices, modular and sequential systems that are deployed live. 

All the instruments used in Klauss' concerts are part of the collection of the recording studio and electroacoustic laboratory "La Siesta Del Fauno". Directed by the members of the band, this studio is a fundamental pillar of the local music scene. Equipped with a wide, exhaustive and refined selection of synthesizers, electronic instruments and equipment, keyboards and processors (classic and contemporary), it stands as one of the most important spaces of its kind in the world.

Italian-born producer, sound artist and DJ Andrea Dama forged his international fame through his eight-year residency as a DJ at Cocktail d'Amore, Berlin's famous queer party. The release of his first album Emotional Tripper in 2023 established him as an important producer of underground electronic music. Resident Advisor and GROOVE Magazin highlighted his work as "Best album of July 2023". Dama composed the soundtrack for two short films and produced the sound design for the exhibition Sumpf der Wunder in Berlin; his latest work, a piece created from recordings in the workshops of Italian artisans, was exhibited in three commercial venues during the last edition of Milan Design Week. He is also director of the labels Protofuture, aimed at emerging artists, and Evasione Digitale, a vinyl label dedicated to rediscovering techno and progressive records from the 1990s and 2000s in Italy.

Morphena is DJ, producer and vocalist born in Buenos Aires. Her DJ sets are a mix of new school with old school, intense with vulnerable and diverse music styles, the main ones being House, Techno and Trance in its many variants. Her sound was shaped in Berlin with the queer collective No Shade and she played in various clubs, including Renate, ÆDEN, Mensch Meier, About Blank, Paloma bar, among others. Her productions have an energizing emotionality, with a personal tone due to his voice and lyrics. In January 2023, she released her first EP titled LightSeeker in which the diverse currents that have influenced her work can be appreciated.

The musical residency was supported by the Goethe-Institut Berlin Fundación Besares and the programming was coordinated by REFORMA Berlin and PROA21.