Finissage & Tape Release | my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed, featuring Caterina Gobbi and IOKOI LIVE

February 2, 6–10 pm

ZÖNOTÉKA (Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin)

IOKOI aka Mara Micciche

Caterina Gobbi performing live at the opening of my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed.
Photo: Marine Kerviciz

Join us for the closing of Caterina Gobbi's solo show, my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed, and the official release of her exhibition soundtrack on cassette – released by Protofuture.

Tapes will be on sale in the gallery, €12 / click here for more info.

Caterina will deliver one final LIVE performance of her exhibition soundtrack, interacting with her sculptures, followed by IOKI performing a soundicipation of a multisensory project to be released this spring 2020.

Sara Valentino from TapeDub will warm up the gallery with a selection of her favorite mixtapes.

7 pm - Doors Open with cassette DJ set by Sara Valentino (Tapedub)
8 pm - Caterina Gobbi Live
9 pm - Iokoi Live


IOKOI aka Mara Micciche is currently based in Zurich and part of experimental electronic label -OUS.

Combing her interests in queer ecology, feminism and electronic music production, Caterina Gobbi's performative works often involve participatory acts of walking and listening, producing drifting and transitory pieces in spaces. Her work seeks alternative frameworks to explore our relationship with the natural and fabricated world.

Protofuture is an independent tape label based in Berlin, run by Andrea Dama. It launched in 2019 with the mission to reissue old tapes produced by Beppe Loda during his years of DJing in Brescia, Italy (1970s-90s). Protofuture has since then expanded and launched their C20/2020 series, commissioning new work from artists and musicians of today.
Learn more about my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed.

Tapedub is audio cassette duplication lab for small runs of cassette, offering tape duplication for record labels, bands and other audiophiles.